Transportation And Safety Of Forklifts

Suppose you are the owner of a warehouse; in that case, you undoubtedly know the importance the forklifts play in moving goods from one location to another location of your warehouse before storing them on racks. This equipment is sturdily built and provides years of service if you maintain them once every few months. Since the ordinary car mechanic cannot do this job, you need to contact companies that offer professional forklift maintenance service. As your business grows, you might hire or purchase another warehouse in a different location in the city or another city in the United Kingdom. If you already have enough forklifts, you would want to transport a couple of them to the new warehouse. Find below different ways of transporting your existing forklift to a different location.

Method One

Flatbed tractor trucks are unarguably the most typical way of transporting forklifts. The majority of companies that provide transport services for heavy equipment use such trucks, the majority of which boast of low decks to allow bulk haulage and better clearance when passing under tunnels or bridges. The most significant advantage of using such trucks is that they can carry multiple forklifts regarding space and weight. They are, therefore, your best choice if you plan to transport multiple forklifts at a time.

Method Two

Use a flatbed tow trailer to transport your forklift. You can hire such a trailer, used to carry general cargo, bikes, ATVs, machinery, cars, forklifts, as well as light construction equipment. If you plan to transport your forklift using a tow trailer, ensure that the vehicle can carry your forklift's weight. To prevent accidents, ensure your forklift is rigged properly before setting out.

Method Three

Tilt tray trucks are, in the majority of cases, are smaller in size when compared with commercial tractor trucks. It implies that they can't carry the number of forklifts as flatbed tractor trucks can. However, they are perfect if you plan to transport between 1-4 forklifts. The number of forklifts that tilt tray trucks can carry also depends on the size of the unit you plan to transport. The most significant advantage is that these carriers boast of tilt tray beds making offloading and loading the units faster and safer.

Method Four

Hiring commercial trucks with hydraulic operated automated tailgates is another option for transporting forklifts. The tailgates have the ability to lower themselves to the ground and go back up to the bed level. These trucks, just like tilt tray trucks, are generally smaller than tractor trucks. Nevertheless, the automatic tailgate makes offloading and loading easy. As with the previous option, make sure that the vehicle can handle the weight of your forklift.

Rent a forklift

If you do not have enough forklifts in your warehouse, you can rent additional units for your new warehouse. Although many companies based in the United Kingdom offer forklifts for hire, all of them pale in comparison to kma forklifts. They stock many types and sizes of forklifts. Get in touch with them today.